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Highest Rated 5 Star Fayetteville Children's Party Magicians (Fayetteville NC)

Fayetteville NC Birthday Party Ideas"Announcing, the Best New Way to Create Oohs and Aahs, Envy-Dripping Stares, Folks' Undivided Attention and a Toothful Grin from Your Child... GUARANTEED!"

Fayetteville Kids Party Ideas
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Fayetteville NC Kids Party Magicians
Family Birthday Party Magician Fayetteville NC
Chris & Neal Are Fayetteville Party Magicians and Super-Specialists In Family Fun!

Hilarious Comedy Magician Fayetteville
Kids Party Magicians in Fayetteville NC
"Hilariously fun time today!!! You both were punctual, professional, hysterically funny and wonderful with the kids of all ages...and the magic was crazy great too, woo hoo! Thanks a million for a fantastic birthday party, one we will never forget!!!!! And yes, you CAN quote me on that ;)" Karen Campbell - Fayetteville, NC

"They had me laughing so hard I was crying! Just to see all the kids having so much fun made it all worth while. They made sure it was all about Ricky and made him the star of his own party. All the kids had so much fun!" Gena Duprey - Fayetteville, NC

Hilarious Magicians Entertain Crowd in Fayetteville NCChris and Neal are both "FULL TIME" professional entertainers in Fayetteville who perform hundreds of shows every year. So, you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals who truly know how to make your event a hit this year. With their laughter-packed interactive magic and explosive energy; along with their doves, bunny and parrots, nothing short of a sure-fire exhilarating experience is guaranteed. Your favorite Carolina magicians will keep the audience on the edge of their seats with a high-energy, performance that will bring down the house. These Fayetteville area magicians are absolute SUPER-SPECIALISTS in high-quality, clean, wholesome family fun. No inappropriate comedy, all age appropriate magic, tried and true, A+ material GUARANTEED! During the show, you will witness first hand more smiles, and hear more laughter than you ever thought possible!

Chris & Neal are high energy magicians from Fayetteville NC"Chris and Neal made our daughter, Ariana's, birthday the BEST birthday ever. They kept the children and the adults ENGAGED and AMAZED. Every part of their show was FANTASTIC! Chris and Neal were extremely nice & made sure the show was all about Ariana. The BEST part was seeing our daughter (who is very shy) participate with ease. The kids and adults were in AWE seeing Ariana float in the air, in our living room!!!! Chris and Neal were perfect in making our daughter's birthday special with everlasting memories. I would DEFINITELY recommend these guys and their furry friends to everyone around. Thanks to Chris and Neal for everything. We had an AWESOME and UNFORGETTABLE time!!!!" Marina Workman - Fayetteville, NC (Birthday Magician Show)

Children's Party Entertainers from Fayetteville NC"When faced with the “what to do for the next birthday party” question, we found magicians Chris & Neal on the internet... they were FABULOUS! (high-energy, positive, engaging, age-appropriate). HIGHLY recommended! You were awesome. Thank you so much for the fabulous job you did at the party. You were so positive and upbeat and did a GREAT job! It meant a lot to us to be able to give our son an awesome party." Alexis Franzese - Fayetteville, NC (Birthday Magician Show)

"Thank you for a great show! I sat in the front row with the kids and they all were amazed. The rapid movement of the show with trick, after trick, after trick, with funny bits-in-between and thumping fun music kept the entertainment level high for the entire 45 minutes. The parents and kids were talking about the show all day. And one of the boys yelled, "This is the greatest day of my life!" Thanks for a fantastic performance!!!!! You both are true showmen." Cori Vaughn - Fayetteville, NC

Rockstar Magic of Chris and Neal in Fayetteville North Carolina
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Fayetteville NC Family Magicians - Fayetteville
Kids Party Magicians in Fayetteville NC
- 5 Star Rated & Reviewed By Mommy Brain Reports -

Rockstar Magicians Fayetteville NC
"Chris and Neal’s show was nothing less than spectacular. They. Brought. Animals! Their music was upbeat, all the kids knew the songs! Chris & Neal’s energy was fantastic! The tricks were engaging, and kept everyone wondering how they did it. Their show was full of comedy, which was totally age appropriate. The illusions that they performed during the birthday party were truly of a professional caliber; they were excellent with the kids! The kids AND the parents were all laughing so hard throughout the show. Chris & Neal totally made my girls stars of the show. Both of my girls were able to participate in several of the illusions, including being the “World’s Greatest Magician” and floating in mid air in front of everyone! If you are looking for something new, different, and just awesome for your birthday party I truly do recommend calling Chris and Neal!!! I’ve seen many magicians over the years, and no one can ROCK your party like they can!" Monica Brady

Comedy Magicians in Fayetteville NCAt Last There's No Need To Cringe In Embarrassment Through Your Child's Birthday Party Magic Show. Top Carolina Parents Know That Paying A Difference For Exceptional Entertainment Makes Your Party Sizzle!!!
Family Comedy Entertainers in Fayetteville North Carolina Magician
Birthday Party Magicians Fayetteville North CarolinaSimply have Carolina’s Top Magicians from Fayetteville come and entertain the kids with hilarious comedy, magic tricks, crazy fun-loving jokes & gags geared just for your child and guests. You’ll love how easy the birthday party is to put on when you have us there. All you do is have cake and ice cream, open presents, host Chris & Neal’s wild comedy magic show and we take care of the rest… you just sit back and relax :-)
Here’s how it works - We come out to where-ever you’re having the party and do our show for you so you don’t have to hassle with:

  • Finding some way to keep 10, 20, 30 or more kids safely entertained.
  • Trying to come up with a bunch of games you and kids won’t find boring.
  • Chasing “pizza-coated” kids around 'Chuck E Cheese' or whatever … nervously trying to keep track of everyone — constantly worrying if you’ve lost a child somewhere in the shuffle.
Doesn’t that sound good? Of course it does! Go ahead, take a deep breath…. breathe easy …. that’s right, our goal is to totally remove the stress from your day and make this party not only the most fun and fantastic ever, but also oh so easy for you.

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Local Fayetteville NC Magician Reviewed
Chris & Neal - Fayetteville Area Magicians
Chris and Neal are so confident you will rank them as the BEST magicians in Fayetteville, that if you're not totally delighted with their magician show... it's FREE! That's right - You can rip up your check, right in their face! No need to worry though, no one has ever asked for their money back... and we know you will not be the first!

School Assembly Performers in Fayetteville NCDuring these magicians show in Fayetteville, you will see doves appear, vanish, a parrot will even fly through the air! Best of all, these local Fayetteville magicians will transform your child into a ROCKSTAR! You will not believe your eyes! In fact, for the grand-finale Chris and Neal will make your child FLOAT in mid-air. Now, doesn't that sound fantastic! You will not believe these magicians are performing in Fayetteville.

Carolina's Top Magicians perform for a library event - Fayetteville MagicianEXPLOSIVE COMEDY. AMAZING MAGIC.

Kids Party Magician Fayetteville NCAlso, many times, clients are looking for a magician from Fayetteville to perform at an elementary school assembly program, or even a scouts event. Don't worry, Chris & Neal offer many different entertainment packages to fit those needs. And best of all, Chris and Neal make hiring a magician in Fayetteville easy as pie! Just pick up the phone, schedule the party, done deal. However, due to their busy performance schedule, Chris & Neal book their shows in Fayetteville sometimes months in advance.

Oh, and one more thing... if you're planning on doing party favors Chris and Neal have an incredible solution in mind already. So, when you have them on the phone, make sure to ask these top rated magicians in Fayetteville about their party favor options. Kids always love to take home a nice souvenir from the show, and many times will end up putting on magic shows in Fayetteville for their family and friends.

Magician in Fayetteville North Carolina disappearing rabbit illusionStill Not Convinced??? Boy, You're A Tough One...
Read MORE Reviews Below!
"My son was the star of the show for the first, middle and end! The kids attention was kept the entire way through. It was truly 45 minutes of a show packed with no breaks. It was a spectacular show. My favorite part was my sons happiness and excitement. He was involved with the magic and felt like it was definitely his day, the act was perfect! Kid humor all the way through, so the kids laughed, cheered and yelled "Happy Birthday CJ" until the very end!" Misty LaCount - Fayetteville, NC
Explosive Magicians Perform in Fayeeteville NC"All I can say is 'Wow Thank Y'all So Much!'. I am very impressed with y'alls new age approach at performing. I was far from bored and I am not one to be easily entertained. Y'all are definitely the 'Gold-Standard' of entertainment for kids b'days. My wife and I have never been so pleased with our son's birthday plans. I still don't know how y'all made Tyler float, but it was a 'spectacle', or so my wife says. Hiring Chris & Neal was a home-run, NO...It was a GRAND-SLAM!" Aaron Crittle - Fayetteville, NC
"My daughter said it was the coolest birthday party she ever had and her guests were electrified! I love the way your show is individualized to meet the needs of not only the kids but the adults in the audience too,I commend y'all for your rapport & professionalism. I would recommend y'all to anyone having any type of event" Kimberly Thomas - Fayetteville, NC
Highest Rated Magicians in Fayetteville NC"We had the most AMAZING time! Thank you so much for making Maia's birthday incredibly memorable! Chris and Neal, performed at my daughters 5th birthday party. Just can't say enough about how great a time everyone had. Hilarious. Highly recommend. Everyone loved you guys... your show was packed full of magic and comedy. You never lost the kids or adults attention. You guys are the best!!! :) We had an absolute blast! The party was awesome, and the kids are still talking about it!! Thank you guys so much!" Pamela Doucette - Fayetteville, NC

Superstar Magicians Chris and Neal in Fayetteville NC5 Questions To Ask Any Magician in Fayetteville BEFORE You Hire Them:

Question 1. Do you specialize in performing for kids? 

Before you hire a Magician for your child and their friends, does the Magician look like he can hold their attention? This is CRITICAL... really :)

You see, a real Professional Kids Magician can hold the attention of 4-12 year olds for at least 40-45 minutes, and likely even more. If the Magician only offers a 30 minute show, it's because they know they can't hold the kids' attention for that long. 

Question 2. Is your show a 100% Audience Participation Show? 

If they can't answer "YES!" - their show is going to be boring. It means they'll be talking AT the kids, doing drawn out tricks that the kids have already seen, or just plain don't excite them. The secret to a great show is INVOLVEMENT. Kids don't want to just sit and watch, they want to get involved! 

Everything the Magician does, whether the kids are up helping or participating from their seats, should engage them, excite them, and make them the STARS of the show! You don't want a boring birthday with kids snoring through the magic show. We know this isn't the vision you have for your child's special day.

Question 3. How do I know my magician will show up? 

The Magician should be able to GUARANTEE his arrival. Not just a promise that he'll be there. The last thing you want is 20 kids all excited saying, "Where is the Magician?!".

A Professional Kids Magician should be able to give you an Early Arrival Guarantee that says exactly what time he'll be arriving (should be at least 45 minutes before the show start time) and what time the show will start. / They always need to allow extra time for bad traffic.

Without a Guarantee like this, many Magicians will just stroll in at the show start time (or later), take 15 minutes to set up, and then your show starts LATE and cuts into your other activities... "oops!"

Make sure you get an Early Arrival Guarantee, a Guaranteed Show Start Time, and a Confirmation Email immediately upon booking so you know your date/time are reserved. It's best to confirm the week of the party too. A Professional Kids Magician will automatically do this for you as a convenience. 

If the Fayetteville magician says he'll mail you a confirmation letter, run away! By the time he takes your deposit and gets around to mailing you a letter, he'll have accidentally booked someone else at the same time as you! Insist on an instant confirmation! 

Question 4. Do you guarantee your show?
This one is VERY important.

Many magicians in Fayetteville are just amateur/weekend performers. Nothing wrong with that, except when you've paid them to make your party LOOK GOOD and then they FLOP.

Any Magician you're considering hiring should have a 100% Money Back Guarantee. No exceptions. If you're not thrilled with the show, if you don't see the kids (and even the other parents) laughing and asking, "Where did you find this guy?!", then you shouldn't have to pay. 

A Professional Kids Magician from Fayetteville will stand behind their show and be able to say that no matter what, "My show is GUARANTEED. If you're not thrilled, you don't pay."

Question 5. Do you require a deposit? 

The answer should be "YES!"... Any Fayetteville area magician you're considering should require a deposit. ONLY pay a deposit by credit card. If a magician asks you to mail them cash or a check, this should be a big WARNING sign. 

When you book a show, you want to be sure that Magician has your date and time reserved for you FOR SURE. If you mail him a check, it may be a week by the time it is cashed or cleared in his bank. By then, if another person comes along and wants to book a show (perhaps a larger paying show), he'll immediately drop your show saying he hasn't received your check and book the other client in your place. 

Make sure you follow these tips. Any time we've been told a horror story of someone hiring a magician in Fayetteville that "went bad", they forgot to ask one or more of these crucial questions. 

We suggest you ask US these questions too.
In fact, here are our answers: 

1. We specialize in performing for children & families.

2. We have a 100% Audience Participation Show. The whole time of the show, the kids will be laughing, going crazy, and even you and the other parents will have a BLAST! We love making your child the STAR of the show... even 'float' in mid-air, really! Your child will be a ROCKSTAR!

3. We GUARANTEE our arrival. In fact, our EARLY arrival. We have a 1 hour Early Arrival Guarantee. We'll be there 1 hour early to setup our show so we can start on time. You'll also get an instant confirmation text message the second you pay your deposit. Plus, you'll get several reminders for days leading up to the show (by email, text & phone) so you know we'll be there...on time! 

4. You're protected by our 100% "Make Your Bill Disappear" Money Back Guarantee! If you don't see your guests laughing, smiling, and having
THE BEST TIME EVER, you don't pay.

5. We are the busiest magicians in the area so we take a deposit for both you and us. You know we're reserved for sure and we know you're serious about having us. We can now put you into our calendar as CONFIRMED and that way we know we'll be seeing you at that date and time. You can complete it easily over the phone with any major credit card and get an Instant Confirmation text message or e-mail.

See how easy we are? The easiest in the area :)