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Creative Kids Party Ideas - Jacksonville, NC (Camp Lejeune)

Hundreds of Families and Businesses Across the Carolinas Have Discovered How Two Incredible & Spectacular Jacksovnille Area Family Magicians Can Reveal….
“The Carolinas Easiest Way To Have a Family Fun Event Filled From Start to Finish With Laughing, Happy, Joy-Filled Children – GUARANTEED!”
Kids Birthday Parties and Party Ideas Jacksonville North Carolina
"Announcing, the Best New Way to Create Oohs and Aahs, Envy-Dripping Stares, Folks' Undivided Attention and a Toothful Grin from Your Child... GUARANTEED!"

Jacksonville NC Kids Party Locations and Venues Unique Idea Jacksonville NCDear Mom/Dad,

Are you searching for that ULTIMATE kids party idea? Something unique? Something different? Perhaps something SO different, that ALL your guests will be shocked by your creative thinking. Well, the search is OVER!

Not only do Chris & Neal perform FULL TIME as children's educational entertainers and family magicians, they also have YEARS of experience under their belt as the areas leading birthday party authority in Jacksonville, NC.

"Rockstar Magic" Video Footage:

Amazing & Spectacular Illusions

Chris & Neal Kids Party Magicians - Unique Party Ideas Jacksonville NC
But you see, we don't want you to take our word for it! That's why we have flooded this website with countless reviews, testimonials, moms on camera, pictures etc. We want you to KNOW that your ultimate kids party idea is in the best hands possible.

North Carolina's Leading Kids Party Magicians - Jacksonville NCAlso, our magic show is a "turn-key" program. We bring our own props, table, curtains, sound system and more. All we need is a cleared performance area (ie: living room or community center) and an electrical outlet within 20 feet.

Each year, Chris & Neal perform at 300+ events all across the state including Raleigh, Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Charlotte and more.

"Hilariously fun time today!!! You both were punctual, professional, hysterically funny and wonderful with the kids of all ages...and the magic was crazy great too, woo hoo! Thanks a million for a fantastic birthday party, one we will never forget!!!!! And yes, you CAN quote me on that ;)" Karen Campbell - Jacksonville, NC

"I am nuts over their talent and performance ability as well as their professionalism. True professionals to the core who know how to PARTYand make the crowd go HHHHEEEEYYYYYY. At one point in the show Chris almost had me in tears because he is an inspiration and a great soul. Neal is to die for, high energy and funny. Overall I am so happy with the turn out, worth every penny. I want to have them back over and over again just so I can enjoy their performance. My husband and sons also loved it and their faces were priceless. So much joy and happiness in the room it was truly priceless." Mary Aguilera - Jacksonville, NC Birthday Party Review

Family party Magicians in Jacksonville North Carolina - Children's EntertainersHowever, their local base and "home" is right here in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Staying true to their "roots", they even offer incredible military discounts - all you have to do is ask :)

Now, in case you're thinking "magic show, SERIOUSLY?!"... We understand. The stereotypical magician who pulls the rabbit from the rabbit, links rings together and performs dozens of boring card tricks, leaving you... well, asleep.

Children's Party Entertainers Entertainment Jacksonville NCDon't worry! We have mastered the art of combining electrifying energy with world-class magic. Throughout our 45 minute Las Vegas styled production show, your family and friends will be mesmerized at the magical appearance of doves, a rabbit, and even a PARROT that will fly through the crowd. Still not impressed? That's okay... we're just getting started...

You will also witness the IMPOSSIBLE as your son or daughter will FLOAT right off the ground in your family living room or local community center! This, right here, is the best way possible to make your child feel like the SUPERSTAR they truly are!

Magician Themed Kids Birthday Parties in Jacksonville NC
We want to transform your search for that creative kids party idea into a smashing success! Be sure to read all the reviews found here in this blog, plus all the others on our birthday page HERE. Plus, you can read even MORE reviews on GigSalad, Facebook, GoogleYahoo, Mommy Brain Reports and countless other websites.

North Carolina Party Ideas - Jacksonville and Camp Lejeune"Chris and Neal made our daughter, Ariana's, birthday the BEST birthday ever. They kept the children and the adults ENGAGED and AMAZED. Every part of their show was FANTASTIC! Chris and Neal were extremely nice & made sure the show was all about Ariana. The BEST part was seeing our daughter (who is very shy) participate with ease. The kids and adults were in AWE seeing Ariana float in the air, in our living room!!!! Chris and Neal were perfect inmaking our daughter's birthday special with everlasting memories. I would DEFINITELY recommend these guys and their furry friends to everyone around. Thanks to Chris and Neal for everything. We had an AWESOME and UNFORGETTABLE time!!!!" Marina Workman - Jacksonville, NC

Kids Parties Jacksonville North Carolina Magician Shows
"As the mother of these two girls I have to say that Chris and Neal were FANTASTIC. Not only did they require NO help with set-up and tear-down but they made party planning SO easy for a busy mother. The children's attention was held the entire show. The interactive nature ofNeal and Chris really captivated the children...and the adults! It was definitely a party for all ages. Everything wasextremely appropriate and they offered an encouraging message throughout the show that any parent would appreciate. Great guys, great show, great price...GREAT JOB!!!"
Sarah Ames - Holly Ridge, NC

Kids Birthday Party Magicians Jacksonville North Carolina"Chris and Neal’s show was nothing less than spectacular. They. Brought. Animals! Their music was upbeat, all the kids knew the songs! Chris & Neal’s energy was fantastic!The tricks were engaging, and kept everyone wondering how they did it. Their show was full of comedy, which was totally age appropriate. The illusions that they performed during the birthday party were truly of a professional caliber; they were excellent with the kids! The kids AND the parents were all laughing so hard throughout the show. Chris & Neal totally made my girls stars of the show. Both of my girls were able to participate in several of the illusions, including being the “World’s Greatest Magician” and floating in mid air in front of everyone! If you are looking for something new, different, and just awesomefor your birthday party I truly do recommend calling Chris and Neal!!! I’ve seen many magicians over the years, and no one can ROCK your party like they can!" Monica Brady - Jacksonville NC

Creative Kids Birthday Parties Jacksonville, North Carolina
Family Party Ideas Entertainers in Jacksonville NC
Plus, the entire magic show is set to music... not just any music. LOUD MUSIC and COOL MUSIC! Bass thumping, supersonic music that's guaranteed to supercharge your "mommy" status to "totally LEGIT" practically overnight.

Oh, and as if this doesn't sound crazy awesome yet, there's MORE...

We will also transform your child into the "World's Greatest Magician" (see right). You will be floored by their new found talents as they dazzle your party guests with some of their own mind-popping illusions. They'll be dressed the part too, in a magicians tuxedo coat, top hat, wand and all. This creates for FANTASTIC photo opportunities. It's important to keep the memories alive for distant family who weren't able to make the Jacksonville based party...

Want to take pictures? Video? Etc. Go for it! No problem at all. Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram those pics as fast you can to show off how COOL of a parent you are for throwing such an over the top birthday party in Jacksonville.

Birthday Party Ideas Jacksonville North Carolina (Camp Lejeune, NC)

"Thank you for a great show! I sat in the front row with the kids and they all were amazed. The rapid movement of the show with trick, after trick, after trick,with funny bits-in-between and thumping fun music kept the entertainment level high for the entire 45 minutes. The parents and kids were talking about the show all day. And one of the boys yelled, "This is the greatest day of my life!" Thanks for a fantastic performance!!!!! You both are true showmen." Cori Vaughn - Maple Hill, NC

Kids Party Locations Jacksonville North CarolinaHundreds of families all across the city of Jacksonville have trusted Chris and Neal to make their ultimate kids party ideas into a reality. Now, it's your turn! Be sure to take a look around our website and see for yourself the incredible videos, testimonials, reviews, pictures etc. Take in the energy, the magic and give us a call for the chance at turning your kids party idea into a dream come true for your child :)

We even have kids goodie bags, and magic themed party favors available as an add on. So, not only can you do the magic show, but we can connect you with fantastic local cake shops, bakeries, and more. Again, your party is important to us, and we want to make sure you knock this kids party idea right out of the ball park!

"We had the most AMAZING time! Thank you so much for making Maia's birthday incredibly memorable! Chris and Neal, performed at my daughters 5th birthday party. Just can't say enough about how great a time everyone had.Hilarious. Highly recommend. Everyone loved you guys... your show was packed full of magic and comedy. You never lost the kids or adults attention. You guys are the best!!! :) We had an absolute blast! The party was awesome, and the kids are still talking about it!! Thank you guys so much!" Pamela Doucette - Cary, NC

Eastern North Carolina Kids Party IdeasThinking to yourself, "WOW! This sounds too good to be true!". No worries! We offer a 100% "Make Your Bill Disappear - Nothing Up Our Sleeves" Guarantee! Put simply, either your guests love the magic show or it's FREE! No need to worry though, no one has ever asked for their money back... and we know you won't be the first ;)

So, what are you waiting for? Give Chris and Neal a call TODAY and discover how easy it is to make this coming party an EXTRAORDINARY party! Our office is available at (888) 422-3767.

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