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Rockstar Magic at Stonebridge Neighborhood in Raleigh, NC

Rockstar Magic Delivers A Powerful Evening Of Jaw-Dropping Entertainment To The Stonebridge Community In Raleigh, North Carolina

Carolina's Most Popular Magicians, Chris and Neal, were invited as special guests to deliver loads of wonder, joy and amazement to the Stonebridge Community in Raleigh, North Carolina. The Stonebridge Neighborhood's annual Fall Festival was a massive success drawing in a large crowd of many age groups.

This fun, festive and exciting event attracted children, parents and grandparents to join in on the activities. Stonebridge Neighborhood trusted Rockstar Magic of Chris and Neal to bring an incredible line up of fascinating close-up illusions and boy did Chris and Neal not disappoint. Children and parents alike were absolutely awestruck and flabbergasted by their mesmerizing sleight-of-hand illusions and up close trickery.

Parents were fast to pull out their smartphones and document the wonder in real time as their children were left in total shock. Best of all, the parents were quick to jump in and volunteer to help in the magical moments. Children weren't the only ones to experience the eye-popping magic, parents were left beyond speechless as well.

See below for more photos of this truly spectacular evening of extraordinary entertainment.

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