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Happy New Year from Rockstar Magic

Happy New Year from Chris & Neal
2016: The Year Of ACTION

2015 was an excellent year around here full of great opportunities and new accomplishments. This year, 2016, will be even better! We are gearing up for a few incredible surprises this year we know you will enjoy. We are preparing to take more action than ever to press the boundaries of what we do even further. Be ready for more extravagant magic, dynamic illusions and some gut-busting comedy.

We'd like to encourage each of you today, if you have a dream, chase it. Don't wait for the stars to align, they probably never will. You have all you need to succeed and excel already. Remember, big shots are just small shots who kept on shooting. Be persistent, be ambitious, be joyful and you will go far. Do what you love and you will never "work" a day in your life.

If two guys can travel around doing magic tricks and having fun as their career.... anything is possible. Do not be limited by doubtful thinking. You can accomplish those personal and professional goals. The only thing standing in the way is YOU + HARD WORK.

Take one step of action each day towards meeting those goals, overcoming the odds and conquering the challenges. Nothing is impossible with hard work, determination and knowledge.

Happy New Year,
Chris and Neal

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Kids Party Tricks/Ideas From New Bern & Jacksonville Magicians

Discover The Birthday Party Secrets Of Jacksonville and New Bern Magicians, Chris and Neal of Rockstar Magic...
New Bern North Carolina Kids Party Ideas Magicians
“The Carolinas Easiest Way To Have a Family Fun Event Filled From Start to Finish With Laughing, Happy, Joy-Filled Children – GUARANTEED!”

Jacksonville North Carolina Children Birthday Party MagiciansJacksonville family magicians and kids party experts, Chris and Neal, are full time family entertainers and magicians who regularly travel the east cost dazzling crowds at birthday parties, local libraries, elementary schools, churches, company picnics and more.

Recently, in 2015, Chris and Neal had the honor of performing for TruTV Reality TV Stars Ronnie and Amy for their sons 13th birthday party in Knightdale, NC right outside of the Raleigh area only a couple hours from New Bern and Jacksonville, North Carolina.

TruTV Stars Ronnie & Amy

North Carolina Jacksonville Kids Party Entertainers and MagiciansPlus, Chris and Neal, were invited to entertain at an event for the Hope For The Warriors on Camp Lejeune and in Wallace, NC. Also in attendance (as well as on the entertainers list) was country music superstar and American Idol winner Scotty McCreery.

During their travels these two Rockstar Magicians create smiles all over the region; for three years now Chris and Neal have been guest entertainers for the Throckmorton Library on Fort Bragg. Along with countless other locations such as the Outer Banks libraries (4 years), Raleigh/Durham/Wake County libraries even in South Carolina. However, the majority of Chris and Neal's events remain right here in the neighborhood of Jacksonville, New Bern, Morehead City and Wilmington... even Swansboro on occasion!

Jacksonville, North Carolina Based Kids Party Magicians and Family Entertainers NC Kids Birthdays

Amazing Birthday Party Magicians in New Bern North Carolina
The busy schedule is what refines their act and creates top tier professional performing artists - way beyond the typical "magician show" in New Bern, Jacksonville and Morehead City. Gone are the tuxedos from the classic magicians act in the 1800's, say HELLO to the new faces of magic.

Rockstar Magic Performance Clip

The "ULTIMATE" Party Formula

Simply have "Carolina's Most Popular Magicians" come and entertain the kids with hilarious comedy, magic tricks, crazy fun-loving jokes & gags geared just for your child and guests.  You’ll love how easy the birthday party is to put on when you have us there. All you do is have cake and ice cream, open presents, host Chris & Neal’s wild comedy magic show and we take care of the rest… you just sit back and relax, enjoy the party experience :-)

Here’s how it works: We come out to where-ever you’re having the party and do our show for you so you don’t have to hassle with:

  • Finding some way to keep 15, 20, 30 or more kids safely entertained.
  • Trying to come up with a bunch of games you and kids won’t find boring.
  • Chasing “pizza-coated” kids around 'Chuck E Cheese' or whatever … nervously trying to keep track of everyone — constantly worrying if you’ve lost a child somewhere in the shuffle.

Doesn’t that sound good?  Of course it does! Go ahead, take a deep breath…. breathe easy …. that’s right, our goal is to totally remove the stress from your day  and make this party not only the most fun and fantastic ever in New Bern, but also oh so easy for you.

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Spectacular Magic From Local Magicians in the Jacksonville, NC Community

***Bonus Party Secrets***

The best party structure with a magic show from Jacksonville's Leading Kids and Family Entertainers is to begin with around 30 minutes of free time for the children to play around while the adults engage in light conversation and become acquainted with other parents from school, church, sports, etc. (This gives late arrivers plenty of time to arrive before the REAL ACTION.)

Next up: ENTERTAINMENT! Yes, this is where you want to have the explosive and mind boggling magic of Chris and Neal. Rockstar Magic will WOW the children AND the adults with a passion for the dramatic through a spectacular line up of larger than life illusions and gut busting comedy with interaction from children in the crowd. Chris and Neal will even make the birthday child FLOAT in mid-air for the grand finale! WOAH!

Carolina's Most Popular Magicians...

Amazing Magicians from Rockstar Magic in Jacksonville Baffle Children At A Birthday Party In New Bern North Carolina
Rockstar Magic Of Chris & Neal

Next order of service is PICTURE TIME with New Bern magicians Chris and Neal and interactive time meeting their incredible magic rabbit who the children saw teleport during the magic act and disappear in the blink of an eye! While this is going on, parents can be in the kitchen preparing the cake, ice cream and or pizza for the children.

Lastly, the children will all sing "Happy Birthday", enjoy delicious cake, ice cream and snack foods followed by the opening of gifts and free play until parents begin arriving for child pick up :)

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Kids Birthday Magicians and Party Ideas in Jacksonville North Carolina
Jacksonville's Most Popular Magicians, Chris and Neal, take the crowd on an adventure of spectacular magic, wild comedy and "WOW-FACTOR" moments of audience interaction. "Rockstar Magic" delivers a larger than life grand magic show experience each child will remember the rest of their life.

Performance highlights include the amazing illusion of levitation with one lucky child from the crowd, and incredible teleporting and vanishing rabbit who disappears in the blink of an eye and shoots through the air from a cannon my "magic" leaving the children AND parents absolutely speechless!

"Hilariously fun time today!!! You both were punctual, professional, hysterically funny and wonderful with the kids of all ages...and the magic was crazy great too, woo hoo! Thanks a million for a fantastic birthday party, one we will never forget!!!!! And yes, you CAN quote me on that ;)" Karen Campbell - New Bern, North Carolina

"I have to thank Chris and Neal for making my  daughter's 8th birthday so amazing. We are from California and on vacation in the Outer Banks and needed to find entertainment for her party. We chose Chris and Neal's magic show after reading many excellent reviews. Boy, we were not sorry. They take magic shows to another level. We had an audience of all ages and everyone was mesmerized. The birds and rabbit were great. My daughter loved being the star and she even got to levitate. The music kept the room pumped up too. Thanks for making our party memorable." - Reshma Gulati (Los Angeles, California.)

Super Easy and Extra Amazing Birthday Party Magic Shows From Jacksonville Magicians Chris and Neal of Rockstar Magic
"Let me tell you, that was theBEST party ever! The kids as well as the adults were all talking about it the next day. I thank you so much, you made her feel so special, and she loved being able to "float"before her friends eyes. I loved how easy it was to get a hold of you for any questions I had, and how prompt you guys were getting here, even though we live in the sticks, LOL! Truly "ONE OF A KIND" experience. The only downside? Wish you could have stayed all night! Thanks again Chris and Neal for helping make this birthday so special!!" Julia Perry - New Bern, NC

CALL TOLL-FREE: 888 - 422 - 3767

"I am nuts over their talent and performance ability as well as their professionalism. True professionals to the core who know how to PARTY and make the crowd go HHHHEEEEYYYYYY. At one point in the show Chris almost had me in tears because he is an inspiration and a great soul. Neal is to die for, high energy and funny. Overall I am so happy with the turn out, worth every penny. I want to have them back over and over again just so I can enjoy their performance. My husband and sons also loved it and their faces were priceless. So much joy and happiness in the room it was truly priceless." Mary Aguilera - Jacksonville Birthday Mother

CALL TOLL-FREE: 888 - 422 - 3767

Dynamic Entertainers Chris and Neal in Action at a Child's Birthday Party Magician Show in New Bern North Carolina"Thank you guys so much for everything. You guys are amazing!!!! Can't wait to brag to everyone that wasn't there. And all my friends loved you guys. You gave my son the best birthday party he's ever had. Kids were bragging about it being the best!!! You made it a lifetime memory! Thank you guys. You're amazing. Never stop doing what you're doing. You guys are really great!!!!! You have a fan for life, and I'm referring to me." Elizabeth Guion - New Bern, NC

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Are you planning a kids birthday party in New Bern North Carolina and tired of the same old birthday party ideas??? You must call "Carolina's Most Popular Magicians" from Rockstar Magic. Chris and Neal perform at dozens of kids parties in Jacksonville, New Berm, Wilmington, Morehead City and Swansboro each year. Countless parents depend on Chris and Neal to deliver dynamic magic shows with exciting illusions and captivating entertainment packed full of crowd interaction and gut busting comedy the kids will never forget! Chris and Neal are full time seasoned professionals with years of experience dazzling kids in New Bern and Jacksonville with their over the top and extra-spectacular birthday party magician act.

Chris and Neal Perform Dazzling Magic at Kids Birthday Parties in New Bern and Swansboro NC
"We celebrated my daughters 8th birthday party with Chris and Neal. The magic show was AMAZING and brightened the birthday with smiles, laughs and a comfortable environment. We had ages 2-16 & adults attend the party... Everyone had a BLAST with lots of laughter & surprises.Chris & Neal were so professional and communicated with me on how things would work, which eased my stress. I would highly recommend the Chris and Neal magic show to anyone. CHRIS AND NEAL...Y'ALL ROCK!" - Karen Bradbury - Morehead City, NC

"My son was the star of the show for the first, middle and end! The kids attention was kept the entire way through. It was truly 45 minutes of a show packed with no breaks. It was a spectacular show. My favorite part was my sons happiness and excitement. He was involved with the magic and felt like it was definitely his day, the act was perfect! Kid humor all the way through, so the kids laughed, cheered and yelled "Happy Birthday CJ" until the very end!" 
Misty LaCount - Swansboro, NC

Local Morehead City Magicians Chris and Neal Facebook Birthday Party Review

"Chris and Neal’s show was nothing less than spectacular. They. Brought. Animals! Their music was upbeat, all the kids knew the songs! Chris & Neal’s energy was fantastic! The tricks were engaging, and kept everyone wondering how they did it. Their show was full of comedy, which was totally age appropriate. The illusions that they performed during the birthday party were truly of a professional caliber; they were excellent with the kids! The kids AND the parents were all laughing so hard throughout the show. Chris & Neal totally made my girls stars of the show. Both of my girls were able to participate in several of the illusions, including being the “World’s Greatest Magician” and floating in mid air in front of everyone! If you are looking for something new, different, and just awesome for your birthday party I truly do recommend calling Chris and Neal!!! I’ve seen many magicians over the years, and no one can ROCK your party like they can!" Monica Brady - Birthday Party Mom

Hilarious Comedy and Interactive Magic from Jacksonville's Magician Team, Rockstar Magic Of Chris and Neal
"Chris and Neal made our daughter, Ariana's, birthday the BEST birthday ever. They kept the children and the adults ENGAGED andAMAZED. Every part of their show was FANTASTIC! Chris and Neal were extremely nice & made sure the show was all about Ariana. The BEST part was seeing our daughter (who is very shy) participate with ease. The kids and adults were in AWE seeing Ariana float in the air, in our living room!!!! Chris and Neal were perfect in making our daughter's birthday special with everlasting memories. I would DEFINITELY recommend these guys and their furry friends to everyone around. Thanks to Chris and Neal for everything.Marina Workman - Richlands, NC

Amazing Action Photo from New Bern Area Magicians Performing During Summer Of 2015.
New Bern Area Magicians, Chris and Neal, will SAVE THE PARTY with INCREDIBLE illusions, CAPTIVATING magic, ENTHRALLING entertainment and EXTREME PASSION for the dramatic all while incorporating children from the crowd in HILARIOUS comedy that will leave the kids in New Bern and Jacksonville laughing their faces off. It's IMPOSSIBLE to not love the rapid up beat magic and illusions of Carolina's Most Popular Magicians in New Bern or Jacksonville.

"I can't thank Chris and Neal enough for giving my daughter such awonderful birthday party. It was fantastic! All of these kids, I don't think they wanted it to stop. They came out and there were animals! This was SUCH A CLASS ACT! The kids were going crazy with the animals just coming in and out. They had rabbits, it was beautiful. Thehighlight had to be when they made her float! I don't know, it was just one of those things that will make you tear up, to see exactly how excited your child isIt was just wonderful wonderful and I can't thank them enough!" Gena Lee - New Bern, NC

Chris & Neal Dazzle Families On Camp Lejeune

Carolina's Most Popular Magicians
Birthday Party Entertainment Magicians Jacksonville NC
Each year, Camp Lejeune celebrates Christmas in style, throwing a massive celebration party for our nations true heroes and their families. This year, three of the units aboard Camp Lejeune, contracted Chris & Neal for their evenings grand entertainment.

Kids Parties Jacksonville NCSaturday evening Chris & Neal delivered a spectacular 45 minute show-stopping performance with a back to back series of exciting illusions backed with base thumping rockstar music. Their infectious smiles and passion for thrilling the crowd was felt by all.

Opening the act, Chris & Neal, effortlessly dazzled the audience by making doves and rabbits appear from fire, a wooden bucket and more. At one moment, a large white bird flew out of Chris Bays' handkerchiefs and circled the front of the crowd causing many in the room to gasp in shock.

Entertainers Camp Lejeune NC Magicians Jacksonville NCDuring their grand production act, Chris & Neal, even selected one lucky child to "FLOAT" in mid-air. Fog flooded the stage as Chris & Neal removed the board that was supporting the child from underneath. This illusion was presented mid-way into the performance; however, is regularly the finale of Chris & Neal's birthday party magic shows. More information about birthday parties from Chris & Neal may be found HERE.

Camp Lejeune Magicians Kids PartiesTowards the close of the show, Chris & Neal, shocked the crowd with what Nitro Neal referred to as "side-splitting" magic. As seen in the photo, Neal Chamberlain split Chris Bays in half, resulting in great applause and cheers of enthusiasm for the crowd of nearly 1000 marines and their families.

Then, Neal Chamberlain, came forward and began to tell a very moving story of visiting a young child in the hospital around Christmas time (2013). [Soft music began to play] He recalled the girl told Chris & Neal she wished for a white Christmas, as she had never seen snow.

Neal, "cleverly lifted a napkin from her bedside and began to tear into it, piece by piece", he unfolded the napkin for to reveal a handmade snowflake. According to Neal, she wasn't overly impressed by his thoughtful act and questioned Chris & Neal's talent as magicians.

North Carolina Magicians
The illusion was then created of Chris Bays and Neal Chamberlain making it snow for the children on Camp Lejeune Saturday evening. Thousands of pieces of white tissue confetti began to flood their air seeming to launch from Nitro Neal's hands containing nothing more than the paper napkin snowflake.

Jacksonville, NC MagiciansIn a post of grand showmanship Chris & Neal struck their final bows on stage shouting, "Merry Christmas" as more upbeat music began to pulsate through the room. The crowd went wild and many wept tears of joy after hearing the moving story which conveyed the true meaning of Christmas.

Following their magic show, Chris & Neal, we kind enough to meet with several children and take photos with many of them; resulting in a lot of smiling faces! Later, Chris & Neal were then served dinner and taken backstage to their private room where MCCS coordinator, Heidi Anastasia, met with them sharing her thankfulness for their performance.

Mike's Farm: Letter Of Recomendation

Letter of Recommendation from Eastern Carolina's Famous Mike's Farm

Upon the conclusion of Chris and Neal's 3rd year entertaining for the fall elementary school tours, "Farmer Mike", took a moment to express his appreciation for their continued efforts and dedication. Full letter may be found below:

Local Morehead City Magicians - Amazing Family Magicians in Morehead City (Morehead NC Magicians)


Dear Birthday Party Mom/Dad,

So, you've decided to plan a fantastic birthday party for your son or daughter this year that you want them remember for a lifetime. In today's day and age, it's difficult to keep children entertained... especially groups of them. How do you decide on a clown, a bounce house, a magician, juggler etc? So many choices, so little time.

We have compiled some highly valuable information here to help moms and dads out when planning children's parties all through the Carolina's.

Anytime you are hiring specialized entertainment in Morehead City for any event it's very important to have some set "specialized" qualifications that you're looking for. The last thing you want to do is leave the party up to chance and schedule the first Morehead City magician or entertainer you find. It's important to do some research, to ask lots of questions and really invest some time into finding that ultimate kids party entertainer in Morehead City.

I am just going out on a limb here, but if your son broke his leg after falling from playing around in a neighborhood tree - I'm quite certain you'd be searching for an experienced pediatric physician with the proper career knowledge to best treat your son and assure him that he will be just fine. Anyone can attend medical school and become that pediatrician - however, not anyone can excel in the pediatric field. It takes a very special skill and talent.

Chris & Neal are two of the Morehead City areas ONLY full time magicians, and they specialize in family parties and community events. Their combined 30+ years in the family entertainment business gives them a major advantage called "experience". There is nothing quite like a tried and true, A+ rated magic act by a Morehead City magician who's been performing for years!

During Chris & Neal's incredible magic show kids and adults will be amazed by the appearance of live magic doves, their beautiful white parrot and even the magic rabbits! Plus, for the grand finale of each Morehead City birthday party Chris & Neal will make your child FLOAT in mid-air! Yes, you read that right... we said, "FLOAT". Oh, and lets not forget about the other amazing, and highly interactive illusions that Chris & Neal pack into their jaw dropping magic act. You will be blown away, and your guests will be absolutely electrified by their magic! Best of all, everything is good clean family fun. No inappropriate jokes, no foul language, kid friendly humor and explosive magic all the way through.

Children these days can't be entertained with just a small bag of coin or rope tricks. They have iPads, play stations, kindle tablets and much more. They require a lot to be captivated. That's exactly what Chris & Neal deliver on a regular basis to hundreds of clients every year all through the Carolina's. Chris & Neal leave parties with the kids BEGGING for more! They have the children enthralled from get go... the beginning, middle and end of their party magic show is crafted to create supersonic levels of excitement that quite frankly, you might just have to see to believe.

You see, Celine Dion didn't become the worlds most advanced vocalist overnight; it was a long road to big time success full of "experience". And although you probably aren't interested in hearing Chris or Neal sing, I'm sure at this point you are more than interested in their magic shows.

During your search for the ultimate party magician in Morehead City we do have a few key ideas we would love for you all to keep in mind:

First, you really want to make sure that if you are planning a birthday party that you schedule talent in Morehead City with a fantastic track record with hundreds of delighted clients - not just any clients though. You're looking for someone with laser sharp focus on squeaky clean "family" entertainment in the Morehead City community.
So, make sure to be asking all considered Morehead City magicians, clowns, jugglers etc for reference letters, written testimonials of recommendation, as well as video testimonials. The best family magicians from Morehead City around will have loads of moms and dads standing behind their back with rave reviews of how incredible a magic show and party they experienced.

"Hilariously fun time today!!! You both were punctual, professional, hysterically funny and wonderful with the kids of all ages...and the magic was crazy great too, woo hoo! Thanks a million for a fantastic birthday party, one we will never forget!!!!! And yes, you CAN quote me on that ;)"Karen Campbell - Birthday Party Mom

"We had the most AMAZING time! Thank you so much for making Maia's birthday incredibly memorable! Chris and Neal, performed at my daughters 5th birthday party. Just can't say enough about how great a time everyone had. Hilarious. Highly recommend. Everyone loved you guys... your show was packed full of magic and comedy. You never lost the kids or adults attention. You guys are the best!!! :) We had an absolute blast! The party was awesome, and the kids are still talking about it!! Thank you guys so much!" Pamela Doucette - Birthday Party Mom

Also, pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, in this case, a picture might just be worth your business. Make sure when searching for the perfect local kids party entertainer you are looking for lots of ACTION PICTURES! This right here is critically important. I'm guessing, that you are searching for a magician in the Morehead City area who has been around the block a few times. Someone who has the experience to really deliver that over the top dynamic party experience to your friends and family attending.

Remember, children's party magicians in Morehead City are there are to create incredible memories for your family and friends for years to come. So, search for Morehead City magicians who have already provided fantastic memories to countless families in the region. You will find these magicians by sifting through reviews, lots of reviews, calling friends - asking for referrals, etc. Don't just settle on sub-par family entertainment when you can find the BEST!

Second, many times the first question asked is, "How much do you charge?". We understand the value (pardon the pun) of this question. You should certainly be seeking entertainment within your budget. However, if price is the only concern - you might not want to hire any Morehead City entertainment at all. Remember, no entertainment is better than cheap entertainment. Sure, there are lots of magicians in Morehead City all around available to choose from - however, just like an experienced pediatrician, you will always get what you pay for.

Here's a nice analogy for you: When you go car shopping, that dealership is full of a wide range of vehicles Cars ranging from 500 bucks all the way up to SUV's over 75 thousand dollars. Now, most families don't buy the decked out car that's fully loaded for 75 grand. It just might be a bit unrealistic in today's challenging economic climate. But, most families also wouldn't buy that 500 car that's been sitting in the sun gathering dust and rust for the last 6 months. Especially considering it will probably brake down within days or months (if you're lucky) leaving you quite frustrated and disappointed.

We tell you this for a very important reason. Magicians sell an adventure, and that adventure is a unique experience for children and even adults. Magicians in Morehead City with a proven track record, are always going to charge a bit more for something called "security". If you were to hire some major illusionist for an event and shell out 25 grand for their act, I'm sure you'd be expecting quite the show. Well, don't be misled - scheduling a children's party magician in Morehead City is just the same. Except we don't recommend spending quite that much of your hard earned cash.

Finally, if you are scheduling a kids party magician, make sure that is who you select. With lots of Morehead City magicians to choose from - some corporate magicians, some specialized mentalists or even magicians in Morehead City who specialize in entertaining up close at weddings. Remember, someone can only be so good at so much. Wearing yourself thin is a major factor with many entertainers all over the country. Chris & Neal specialize in performing family entertainment right here in Morehead City, North Carolina. To this date Chris & Neal have never promoted magic shows for corporations, weddings, or close up venues. You wouldn't want to hire a stand up comedy magician for a close up show at a fine dining restaurant in New York. You also don't want to hire a corporate illusionist or business entertainer in Morehead City for a family event. Chances are, that corporate performance experience won't render much good when entertaining kids. And let's please not even consider hiring family magicians in Morehead City for a corporate event, can we say "FLOP!" ;)

So, the best thing to do now is the pick up the phone and call around to different local Morehead City magicians or kids party entertainers. Ask lots of questions. Really try to determine how well they know their art, how experienced they really are. Search for those testimonials, network with other local parents. Make sure the Morehead City entertainer(s) you hire will arrive on time, have a contract or some sort of a formal agreement. Speak with multiple entertainers and see who you connect with on the phone. Someone who is entertaining on the phone and makes a good connection with you will probably be able to do that and much more in person with your guests.

Thank You,

Chris & Neal

Call Toll-Free: (888) 422 - 3767

PS: Chris & Neal also offer a 100% "ROCKSTAR GUARANTEE"! So, after the magic show, if your son or daughter didn't have a fantastic time. And if you're guests didn't enjoy the magic - then Chris & Neal will tear up your check on the spot as their apology for wasting your time. No need to worry though, no one has ever asked for their money back; and I'm sure you won't be the first.


Amazing Morehead City Magicians (Magicians Morehead City)

Hundreds of Families and Businesses Across the Carolinas Have Discovered How Two Morehead City Family Magicians Can Reveal….
“The Carolinas Easiest Way To Have a Family Fun Event Filled From Start to Finish With Laughing, Happy, Joy-Filled Children – Guaranteed!”

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Chris & Neal: Party Testimonial
If you’re planning an event — perhaps a birthday party, a scouting event, church function, Upwards banquet, school assembly or just a special gathering of family, friends, and coworkers – - Would you like to know how you could save yourself the stress-filled hassles of trying to figure out which Morehead City Magician can provide the best value in helping you affordably make this particular event a huge rocking success?
Simply have Morehead City Magicians Chris & Neal come and delight your guests with their hilarious comedy, magic tricks, fun-and-family-friendly entertainment. Every movement, every moment has been precisely planned and packed with magic, action, music, and laughter for your entire family! Imagine how much fun you’ll have watching all your friends and family bound up with laughter and excitement!

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Rockstar Magicians: VIdeo Testimonial
You will absolutely love how easy your party will be to put on!!! When you have The Rockstar Magic of Chris & Neal (Morehead City Magicians) all you’ll have to do is sit back, relax, and have fun with your friends while our hilarious comedy and magically memorable show takes care of the rest!
It Couldn’t Be Easier!
You will love it, your co-workers will love it, you friends and family will love it — and we absolutely, positively guarantee it! As a matter of fact….
If you’re not 100% completely satisfied — YOU GET YOUR MONEY BACK!

“I booked ‘Chris & Neal’ at our family entertainment center, Mac Daddy’s. Our facility is a 37,500 sft entertainment center and they had it filled with smiling faces of children in awe. Several times I looked into the audience and I couldn’t be more pleased with the ‘oohs and the ahhhs’ rising from the crowd. The children were mesmerized by the magic and the adults were equally entertained by the flash of fire and the breeze of the doves wings. We will definitely book ‘Chris & Neal’ for future events” Connie Nolter – Mac Daddy’s General Manager

"We had the most AMAZING time! Thank you so much for making Maia's birthday incredibly memorable! Chris and Neal, performed at my daughters 5th birthday party. Just can't say enough about how great a time everyone had. Hilarious! Highly recommend. Everyone loved you guys... your show was packed full of magic and comedy. You never lost the kids or adults attention. You guys are the best!!! :) We had an absolute blast! The party was awesome, and the kids are still talking about it!! Thank you guys so much!" Pamela Doucette (Morehead City NC)
"Hilariously fun time today!!! You both were punctual, professional, hysterically funny and wonderful with the kids of all ages...and the magic was crazy great too, woo hoo! Thanks a million for a fantastic birthday party, one we will never forget!!!!! And yes, you CAN quote me on that ;)" Karen Campbell (Morehead City NC)

"My son was the star of the show for the first, middle and end! The kids attention was kept the entire way through. It was truly 45 minutes of a show packed with no breaks. It was a spectacular show. My favorite part was my sons happiness and excitement. He was involved with the magic and felt like it was definitely his day, the act was perfect! Kid humorall the way through, so the kids laughed, cheered and yelled "Happy Birthday CJ" until the very end!" Misty LaCount (Morehead City NC)
"All I can say is 'Wow Thank Y'all So Much!'. I am very impressed with y'alls new age approach at performing. I was far from bored and I am not one to be easily entertained. Y'all are definitely the 'Gold-Standard' of entertainment for kids b'days. My wife and I have never been so pleased with our son's birthday plans. I still don't know how y'all made Tyler float, but it was a 'spectacle', or so my wife says. Hiring Chris & Neal was a home-run, NO...It was a GRAND-SLAM!" Aaron Crittle (Morehead City NC)
If your child and guests do not have the greatest birthday experience ever, than you don't pay!
No need to worry though, no one has ever asked for their money back :-)
“I booked ‘Chris & Neal’ at our family entertainment center, Mac Daddy’s. Our facility is a 37,500 sft entertainment center and they had it filled with smiling facesofchildren in awe. Several times I looked into the audience and I couldn’t be more pleased with the ‘oohs and the ahhhs’ rising from the crowd. The children weremesmerized by the magic and the adults were equally entertained by the flash of fireand the breeze of the doves wings. We will definitely book ‘Chris & Neal’ for future events” Connie Nolter – Mac Daddy’s General Manager

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Chris & Neal: Testimonial
Carolina's Top Magicians in Morehead City NCAlso, if you still want to search around and look at other magicians online or through recommendations, make sure you ask these critical questions:

  • Can they describe how they create and present their programs in detail, or does it sound like they simply just “wing it” each time?
  • Do they offer an early arrival guarantee? The sad truth is, magicians show up late for events all the time, it’s always best to have in writing they will be there at least 15 minutes early.
  • Are they a seasoned full-time entertainment professional, with a legitimate business license, & record with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Is their magic show fully interactive where children are able to join the magician on making the magic happen? Is the magic show full of exciting props, live animals etc… or just a collection of coin, card and rope magic?
  • Does their website appear to be reputable? Are they able to share with you plenty of reference letters, written testimonials, video footage from events & more importantly, video feedback from recent clients?
Children's Entertainers Morehead City NC MagicianHow do you know which Morehead City NC area magician to hire? Well, make sure you ask whoever you are considering hiring if they guarantee their performances. Many Magicians and entertainers do not guarantee their show because they are afraid you won’t like it and then they’ll be the one out. Well, finding a Morehead City NC area magician from Morehead City NC who is more confident in their show enough to guarantee all Morehead City NC services it is a better idea!
Childre's Party Magicians Morehead City NC MagicianThe best Morehead City NC magicians are the ones who do guarantee their shows. When you’re researching magicians online, make sure you find on their website if they guarantee their show or if they don’t, make sure you ask. Many Morehead City NC magicians won’t know what to answer because they hope you do not ask.
How do I know my Morehead City NC magician is going to show up? Many Morehead City NC area Magicians and entertainers are notorious for not showing up on time or not even showing up. What they do is book another higher paying show in Morehead City NC so if you paid less, they may just cancel on you (often times without even giving you a call). How can you guarantee your magician is going to show up and do a great job? Well, the first thing you need to do is get a formal confirmation letter from the Morehead City NC magician via e-mail the same day you book. Most Morehead City NC or Morehead City NC magicians will give you a confirmation letter.
Morehead City MagiciansAsk any Morehead City NC/Morehead City NC magician you may hire, “What ages do you perform for?” You want to be sure that your magician is going to entertain everyone you’re having attend your event. Many of them can entertain kids and adults, but tell them up front so they can assure you they’ll be able to do that. Other performers are adult-only performers and you would want to ask that too, because they just can’t keep a group of kids enthralled for 45 minutes to an hour. Make sure you ask! Here at Carolina’s Top Magicians we are available all through the Morehead City NC region and we offer multiple packages for children of all ages that we guaranteed to keep their attention… or you don’t pay.
Don’t delay – CALL NOW! – and together let’s make your next event in Morehead City totally amazing, fun, and unforgettable!
Chris & Neal