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Sizzling Summer Entertainment In

NC, SC, VA, MD, TN & GA....

High Impact Entertainment Your Summer Readers Will Love... GUARANTEED!

Summer 2024: Booking Now!

Locations are already booking for summer 2024 with Chris and Neal. Now is the time to schedule your dates!

"Out Of This World"

Amazing. Astounding. Unforgettable.

Summer 2023 was a smashing success with a busy schedule of performances. Now, summer 2024 scheduling is in full swing, Chris and Neal are hard at work preparing their most extravagant summer reading production show to date. Their remarkable act will feature a brand new line up of spectacular stage magic, audience interaction, and gut-busting laughter. In short, the most exhilarating 45 minutes of your summer.

Carolina's Most Popular Magicians will astonish the crowds with their stunning illusions and passion for the dramatic, all while bringing an extraordinarily positive message of strong character. Additionally, "Rockstar Magic" will stress the importance of exceptional reading skills and encourage children to explore fascinating books in the library to learn/read about topics which excite them. 

Chris and Neal will even touch on other educational resources available through the library, leaving the children charged up and ready to expand their horizons - every librarians "dream come true"... Guaranteed!

- Back By Popular Demand -


From the creative minds of Chris and Neal, a fresh, fun and unique photo opportunity for children of all ages after the Rockstar Magic grand show.

Carolina's Most Popular Magicians will astonish the crowds with their stunning illusions and passion for the dramatic, all while bringing an extraordinarily positive message of strong character. Additionally, "Rockstar Magic" will stress the importance of exceptional reading skills and encourage children to explore fascinating books in the library to learn/read about topics which excite them. Chris and Neal will even touch on other educational resources available through the library, leaving the children charged up and ready to expand their horizons - every librarians "dream come true"... Guaranteed!

For scheduling information please contact 888-422-3767. Chris and Neal are expected a to have another jam-packed summer season of laughter and excitement. "Rockstar Magic" is only able to visit at maximum (depending on scheduling times) around 60 libraries during peek summer season, each year the schedule fills quickly leaving many disappointed. It is increasingly urgent to block off your districts dates sooner rather than later.

2024 Tour Regions Include: NC, SC, VA, GA, TN, OH and now ME.

Above: Chris and Neal take time for photos with fans after each magic show.

Dare County Public Library System

Wake County Public Library System

Bedford County Public Library System

"It was a great success. Parents told me afterwards that they enjoyed the performance. Throughout the show kids were laughing and clapping and enjoying their magic tricks and slapstick gags. A beautiful white rabbit played a role in the magic, and it was high energy and engaging. The music was catchy and attention grabbing, and Chris and Neal made it a point to use "reverse psychology" to encourage kids to check out magic books, and they added many positive slogans to their routine touting a library card as their favorite card, encouraging kids to achieve in life by reading, etc. Thank you Chris and Neal!" - Rosey Clark (Smith Mountain Lake VA Public Library)

"The Rockstar Magic of Chris and Neal was terrifically entertaining with great illusions, fantastic attitude and message, easy and professional set-up and a lot of library love! We had over 200 school aged children from various summer camps across Catawba county and they were enthusiastic from start to finish. The set and the music got their attention, the illusions amazed and entertained them, and they were enthralled by the whole experience. Thanks so much for a great magic show!" - Carole Dennis (Hickory Public Library, Ridgeview Branch)

"We all loved your performance! Many parents said it was awesome and thanked Jamestown Public Library for hosting your magic show. We were all very glad the fire marshal didn't show up for an inspection that day; our auditorium was overflowing with children and parents. Thanks for such a great start to our summer reading program, as well as the life lessons." Carole Reed (Jamestown Public Library)

"Never to old for a lil magic. Summer Reading Program Rocks at Kenly Public Library. With the right attitude a little courage, determination,and perseverance there will never be an obstacle that can keep you from your dreams coming true." Vickie Johnson (Kenly Public Library)

"Rockstar Magic with Chris and Neal had kids and parents alike staring in wonder as they opened the summer reading program at the Jamestown Public Library with their amazing feats of magic and illusion. From a rabbit disappearing from one container and appearing in another to the levitation of a girl from the audience, the show was fast paced and exciting. Of course, Chris and Neal were quick to tell the audience that they could make their own kind of magic with books that could both entertain and inform. The two encouraged all the kids to check out a book before leaving the library and to read throughout the summer." Norma Dennis - Jamestown News (Jamestown Public Library)

Below: Rockingham, NC - Fall Festival

"Carolina's Most Popular Magicians"

The North Carolina based PeeDee Post recently titled Chris & Neal as "Carolina's Most Popular Magicians", and their enthusiastic client/fan base seems to agree! Read more information HERE. Chris & Neal performed in Rockingham on October 30th, 2014 at the Leath Memorial Public Library fall event. The turnout, well exceeding 500 children and parents, was more than expected. In fact, many parents were urged to leave the room in an effort to accommodate more children. Clearly, the magic show was a BIG success.

Kevin Spradlin of the PeeDee Post said through the use of their live doves, and rabbit, coupled with "upbeat music and an engaging set of personalities, Chris and Neal helped the audience through the 50-minute show with a flair for the dramatic", Spradlin continued, "Chris and Neal wow the crowd with rockstar magic you have to see to believe." Full Article May Be Found HERE

***The "Split-In-Two" illusion is featured only in the larger stage programs, this act is not included in the standard summer reading show. Chris and Neal performed their full stage production for Rockingham/Hamlet residents in the fall of 2014 (fall festival) at the request of 15 time client, Deborah Knight.

"Rockstar Magic" Video Clip

Powerful. Positive. Encouraging.

"Thanks Chris and Neal for the super-fun magic program! You packed the room full of excited summer readers. I truly appreciate the level of professionalism and the high quality of programming you delivered. Your relationship to the audience was a hit! The live animals, science facts, and rockin' soundtrack kept the audience amazed, astounded, engaged and enthusiastic! An outstanding performance!" — Keith Hayes (Children's Librarian - Cary, NC).

Totally Awesome & Entertaining!

"The Rockstar Magic Show presented for McColl School students in July was totally awesome!! Our library has engaged magic performers before, but your show was by far the most professional, the most entertaining, the most energetic, all the while interjecting science facts and information in an engaging way. The students absolutely loved the performance as did the staff. Marlboro County is such a rural county with transportation a problem for many. Being able to take your show to the one school already in session was a big part of our outreach summer reading program. You talked about libraries and the importance of reading and we were able to get the name of the public library out there through you. A few days after your performance, one of the principals called me and thanked us profusely for sharing our programming with McColl students through your performance. They are making a huge banner to display at the school and will also share one with us." Virginia McCraw — Marian Wright Edelman Public Library

Above: Magic with a message. Chris and Neal teach the importance of Overcoming Obstacles with characteristics such as: Courage, Determination, Positive Attitude and Perseverance.

Outstanding. Unhesitatingly Recommend.

"I have known Chris & Neal since 2002 and hired them for numerous events for Marine Corps Installations-East, Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, NC, as well as Naval Hospital,Camp Lejeune. They are outstanding entertainers for audiences of all ages. A few of Chris & Neal’s greatest strengths are their work ethic and ability to get along exceptionally well with people from all walks of life. They are very passionate about their work and a true pleasure to work with. As a result of their flawless performances, I have booked them for eight shows at Camp Lejeune. I UNHESITATINGLY recommend them. I can be reached at for questions or if additional information is required." - Heidi Anastasia (MCCS Coordinator, Camp Lejeune)

Atmosphere Of Excitement & Amazement.

Viral Excitement. Educational Message.

"Marian Wright Edelmen Public Library just finished up our Summer Reading Program and we chose Rockstar Magic of Chris and Neal to present our Grand Finale! It was such a treat to have these guys perform for our patrons! They radiated so much excitement it became viral! Not only did they keep the audience engaged during the performance, but they also provided an educational message with each act. Their magical smiles, as well as their comedy, was a treat for all who were there! We plan to have have you guys back ASAP! You Rock!" - Kim Johnson

Above: Chris and Neal perform a signature illusion where Rocket the Rabbit vanishes in the blink of an eye. And no, he's not under the table! ;)

Energy & Showmanship Are Fantastic!

"I am writing to recommend the performers "Rockstar Magic of Chris and Neal". I scheduled them for several Wake County Public Library performances last summer (2014). They were very professional to work with from the scheduling and fee negotiations at the onset, to arriving early for every performance to amazing the crowds every time! Their set up is quite elaborate so they dedicate a lot of time to each performance. Their energy and showmanship are fantastic. They earn every penny!" — Sally Baron

Fabulous Performers. BOOK 'EM FAST!

"Hatteras Village was ROCKING OUT with the ROCKSTAR MAGIC of Chris & Neal, sponsored by the Hatteras Library. What a kickoff for our Summer Reading Program! This is our fourth season with these fabulous performers and we couldn't be happier. Better BOOK 'EM FAST!" - Helen Hudson

Biggest Turnout We've Had...

"Thank you so much for the SIX wonderful performances given at the Harnett County Library System this summer. The children and adults really enjoyed your performance; it was the biggest turnout we've had so far this summer! The children were so eager to check out magic books, and kept talking about your performance." Tracy Bagnato - Children's Librarian (Lillington, North Carolina)

"Rockstar Magic" Video Clip

Seamlessly Wove In Science...

"Thank you so much for the awesome program you presented for our library families. They not only were entertained but you seamlessly wove in science in such a fun way that kids were learning even as they had fun. You know it is a good program when the adults leave the computers to come over and check out what is going on! Thanks again and I can't wait until you are able to come back and see us again!" — Melissa Orthner Children's Librarian

Highly Energetic, Entertaining & Amazing!

"Today we had The Rockstar Magic of Chris and Neal at our school and they were phenomenal! We have already booked their Christmas show. They are highly energetic, entertaining and amazing with the children. There was not a single child that was not smiling or laughing or screaming with laughter. Even the staff loved them, and want to know when they are coming back. They are honestly the BEST magic show I have ever had at my school. It's a must to see for children of all ages!" Melissa Johnson - Summer Camp Director (Raleigh)

Phenomenal... The Kids Had A BLAST!

"The Rockstar Magic Of Chris & Neal show was phenomenal! Keeping the attention of school agers can be a hard task... for anyone other than Chris and Neal! Their Rockstar Magic Show was engaging with a smooth presentation and consistency with LOTS of music and fun. Needless to say, the kids had a BLAST! We have already booked them for our winter break their show was so awesome!" — Jessica Price, Childcare Network Director (Raleigh, NC)

Above: Chris speaking to the children encouraging them to follow their dreams and utilize the library resources to grow the passions of their life.

Excitement & Energy... Explosive Show!

"What a pleasant experience it is to work with “The Rockstar Magic of Chris & Neal”. They bring an excitement and energy that is caught by kids of all ages. The illusions they perform are amazing and professionally done and always relate to the themes we need at the libraries. Our audiences are never ready for the shows to end. Nitro Neal and Chris Rock-It are true to their names when they deliver their explosive shows. This duo is always a must for our Summer Fun Programs." Julia McPhesrson (Manteo, Kill Devil Hills, Cape Hatteras)

Ronnie & Amy Of TruTV

Chris & Neal entertained for TruTV's 'Lizard Lick Towing' reality tv stars, Ronnie & Amy. Watch the video endorsement below to hear what Ronnie & Amy have to say about Chris & Neal...

Below: Betsy Brannen from Throckmorton Library (Fort Bragg, NC) 5 time summer reading client.

"Wow! How Can I Find Out More About Chris & Neal's Amazing and Fun Magical Programs!?"

Contact us today and we'll respond promptly with complete, no-obligation details.

888 - 422 - 3767

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