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"Finally, a School Assembly Program That's Guaranteed To Be Amazing, Impacting, and Astounding"

Dear Friend,

We know budgets are "disappearing" and that is why we bring the field trip to you. Students are working very hard and they need a break from the day-to-day class work. When you bring in one of Chris & Neal's educational assembly programs your students will be entertained with dazzling, jaw-dropping, incredible magic; but at the same time they will be LEARNING.

In fact, Chris & Neal deliver a range of assembly programs such as rewards incentives for PBIS, accelerated reading and 5th grade graduation. Plus, Rockstar Magic, performs educational assemblies on topics such as bullying, reading, science, self-esteem and character development among others.

Rockstar Magic - School Assembly Review

The North Carolina based PeeDee Post recently titled Chris & Neal as "Carolina's Most Popular Magicians", and their enthusiastic client/fan base seems to agree! Read more information HERE. Chris & Neal performed in Rockingham on October 30th, 2014 at the Leath Memorial Public Library fall event. The turnout, well exceeding 500 children and parents, was more than expected. In fact, many parents were urged to leave the room in an effort to accommodate more children. Clearly, the magic show was a BIG success.

Kevin Spradlin of the PeeDee Post said through the use of their live doves, and rabbit, coupled with "upbeat music and an engaging set of personalities, Chris and Neal helped the audience through the 50-minute show with a flair for the dramatic", Spradlin continued, "Chris and Neal wow the crowd with rockstar magic you have to see to believe." Full Article May Be Found HERE

Chris and Neal deliver a wide-variety of themed assembly programs including ant-bullying, self-esteem, reading, science, etc. Below is a video review from an elementary school in Wilmington, NC who hosted two anti-bullying assemblies (K-2 and 3-5). Chris and Neal spoke to the students about what exactly a bully looks like, how to deal with bullying, the root cause of bullying, why not to bully, the importance of good character, respect and much more.

Anti-Bullying Assembly Feedback

Children and teachers alike are enthralled by the high energy magic and powerful lessons Rockstar Magic delivers during their educational assembly programs.

School Fall Festival Video Clip:

Letter Of Recommendation From Mike's Farm

School Assembly Program Feedback

Our elementary school shows are unique in that we pride ourselves on truly getting the kids involved in the show! All the children present will get to help out, not only from their seats, but many will actually come up and help us create the magic!

If you've seen other magicians, you've probably see them do the same old cheesy card tricks and lame “magic” that everyone has seen before. Well, that just doesn't work anymore - it's the 21st century! Your kids are smart and well-rounded, and having a magician just put a coin in his pocket when he thinks no one is going to see it, is well, BORING.

Good Morning Chris and Neal,

Just wanted to take the time to thank the team from "Rockstar Magic of Chris and Neal" for the wonderful performance on last Friday. The students, teachers, and parent volunteers were totally blown away by the performance that you shared with us. Not only was the magic awesome, but the message of following your dreams hit home as well.

Thank you for congratulating the students on reaching their goal of reading for 100 nights. We had approximately 225 students to participate in the celebration, I can assure you that after hearing about the great time the students had at the magic show, we will have many more students to participate in the reading incentive program next year.

One of our parent volunteers stated that your performance was one the best that he has ever seen. Our students were treated to a show that they will never forget because of the professional manner of your delivery.

I can only imagine what your Anti-Bullying program must be like with that all important message of not bullying and magic, Wow! Maybe, just maybe, we'll see you at the start of the new school year. Until then, stay the wonderful rock stars that you are.


Brenda Brown, Town Creek Elementary School (Winnabow, NC)

All of the magic in our show is innovative, unique, and HIGH-ENERGY. Quite simply, other magicians cannot hold the attention of young students like Chris & Neal can. Why? Because their show has been tested for YEARS to create the maximum impact! - Their experience tells them exactly what kids are into and what excites them and their show does not disappoint!

School Assembly Entertainment Magicians

Imagine, at the end of the show, your students will leave in total amazement and with a positive message about how they can do anything they want in life. And one of your students will 'FLOAT' in mid-air, something your school will never forget!

We are looking forward to working with you on creating the dream event program for your elementary school. Please give us a call at the number below, we would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have!


888 - 422 -3767

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